Wednesday, March 10, 2010

february funnies

"God's thinking, 'hmmm...some people are singing about some animals that i made!' " -feb. 7
(we were singing 'he's got the whole world in his hands.')

"my tights are so pretty and miraculous." -feb. 8

"we're making noises like this: 'blablablablab!' cause this is gonna be a blab house." -feb. 12

"i like your hair. what did they use to put it on you?" -feb. 13
(nothing unusual about my hair, either! just normal that day.)

"if we move to kansas, i can have a tree house? oh, in kansas they must not make you go to school without your parents." -feb. 13
(she suddenly projects all her fantasies onto kansas and now thinks it is this amazing wonderland, just because i said once, "sure, you can have a treehouse--if we ever move to kansas!)

"if you wipe my butt and i wipe your butt, ...we'll be twins!" -feb. 20

golden: saw a picture of a lamb's behind and said promptly, "booty!" -feb. 21

golden's many words now include mini phrases such as:
like it!
open it!
have it!
get it!
got it!
do it!
eat that!
tickle me!
buckle me!
close the door!

she also likes to point things out and say "see? birdie!" or "see? lulah!" (for tallulah in the maisie books)
the other day she pointed to my cow calendar and said, "who dat? da moo!"
she is beginning to get the concept of reading, and it is hilarious. she calls every letter a "B" and then she usually sounds it out like this: "k, k, k...mama!" yes, she thinks that every word spells mama. ah, mother's bliss!
oh and she is getting really good at humpty dumpty! "dumpy dumpy da, da, da, WALL!"
she also loves to say "lula!" (hallelujah!) but it's mainly because thomas likes to lift her up in the air when he declares "hallelujah!" and she now thinks that it is her ticket to a free ride!
every time she sees change, she calls it "bank!" cause she has a little piggy bank...

other words:
popcorn (doocorn)
belly button
glasses (in english, now!)
airplane (she mostly says that in english too, although there were a few days there where she was calling airplanes "lukluk," for german "flugzeug.")
orange (pronounced correctly now, not "dunge.")
sour dough
no touch
UG! (when thomas left the house without giving her a hug one day)
castle (her castle tent)
snuggle (nuggle)
shake-da-booty (ralph covert has this great kids version of the shake your booty song. golden's favorite!)
bloke (broke)
plo-do (play-doh)

matsch (mud)
eek (musik, pronounced actually in german mooz-eek)
apf (kopf, head)
messer (knife)
strumpf (sock)

another hilarious thing of hers is that when you ask her a question, she starts with "um..." =)
and she will pray in the evenings, just like sparrow. she points to each one of us and sweetly thanks for "do-den, mami, daddy, sister, sparrow, dick (uncle rick), and dotes (chris coates)...umen!"
also, if you ask her if she wants something, even if she has just said she wants it, she says, "no?" and shakes her head. she rarely ever says yes to a question!

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