Thursday, June 10, 2010

pregnancy update #2

wow. i have to say this baby is coming along quite nicely. and it might be huge. at least judging by my own rapidly expanding form; quite alarming, in fact! is it possible that my bottom is having twins?

in san francisco i was ecstatic to find a midwifery center that accepts medi-cal! it was called sage femme and had beautiful birthing rooms with big round tubs in them. oooooh how i would love to deliver here! i managed to get one appointment in before we were moving again... when i stepped on the scale at sage femme, i couldn't believe how much i had already gained! 32 pounds! my last two pregnancies i had gained 40, in 40 weeks. right now, i was only 26 weeks along...

today we visited the dr. here in tucson--or i should really say *over there* in tucson--we do live quite a ways out... she is a german lady, dr. westerband. slim, tall, friendly. she shook hands with us and was very sweet, but also direct. my friend omi has had her for at least 2 of her pregnancies, and that is how i came to this particular doctor. everything looks normal, minus the fact that she told me my belly was measuring at 32 weeks! that can't be! it was measuring 26 weeks less than a month ago, and i have only gained 2 pounds since then. (yes! the no sugar thing is working!) oh dear. let's call it 28-29 weeks and be done with it. i "tweaked" my dates for this clinic, not knowing exactly what they are of course, but guessing rather late; my new due date is august 27th. i would rather go into labor a few weeks "early" than go "late" and have them wanting to induce me and what-not. the dr. recommended an ultrasound, but i am going to refuse it. hope she doesn't hold it against me! i really need to be able to trust her to do the right thing when that baby is coming out!!

they also had me do one of those horrendous glucose tests at the clinic today. i asked if i couldn't rather eat a sugary meal of my choice (i was thinking dark chocolate), and they said, well... maybe, but that would take a lot longer. i decided not to wait til next time.

i finally began exercising again this week. it feels so nice! i can get up early again, have a place to come out and do pilates again... i am SO SORE!! yesterday i almost cried every time i had to lower myself onto the toilet--which of course is currently about 30 times a day. ouch!

the girls are looking forward to having a new baby in the house--at least sparrow is. and i know golden will love it too... well, she IS a *bit* possessive of my lap, but i think her natural motherly qualities will win out. she really does have the nurturing thing going on. she takes care of all of us! if i say, "sparrow, put your shoes on," for example, golden will run and get sparrow's shoes and bring them to her. they both love to feel the belly, give the belly "raspberries," talk to it, (usually silly talk) and so forth.

thomas has to do feldenkrais in august again--glory! i joked after golden's birth that we would have to time our next baby around his feldenkrais sessions, but of course, God knows timing better than we do, and surprise! another august baby. thankfully, this is thomas' last year of feldenkrais training. anyways, he is supposed to be going for only 2 weeks; he will be back by mid-august, meaning, if i don't deliver two weeks early, he should be around. plus, i have wonderful friends for neighbors in three surrounding houses! i am not worried.

today i did hear a few words from the Lord while i was praying for this little one:
minister to nations
on fire for God
speaking truth

isn't that beautiful? now i will know a few things to speak and plant into this one when she/he comes out! Lord, bless this little one to be dedicated to you always, to hear your voice, to be attentive to your word, to bend the heart to you. protect this little one now and during the birth process and throughout life. THANK YOU! for the chance to receive another one; may we receive it as we would receive you, as your word says in matthew 18:5, "and whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me."

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