Friday, October 15, 2010

evening at the dollhouse

  i had the best time playing doll house with my girls this evening!  we had a simple sabbath meal of curried vegetables and rice (the girls are learning to eat "grown-up" foods, and i am learning to be tough on them about that! hurrah!), and a lovely family devotion--well, interspersed with toddler training for whining, leaving the room, etc. but lovely nonetheless. the girls were all ready for bed by 8, so we had time to play! sparrow wanted to keep her dress on to play "lion," so we played lion for awhile, which segued into dollhouse, as our lion uncle, the playmobil lion, was keeping prisoners in the dollhouse, so it happened. soon he was teaching the prisoners to sing lovely christmas songs as a collective choir, and before we knew it, "uncle tony" had become a dog and we were setting up family relationships between the dolls and naming them all. 

sparrow and golden were given this dollhouse when thomas' boss' daughter was getting rid of stuff she didn't play with anymore! we were excited to receive such a grand present. it had come with several barbies, and i had promptly gotten rid of them. in the words of holly hobbie, those dolls are "just...too much." we replaced the barbies with whatever we had: several old dolls i used to play with as a little girl, a few mcdonald's happy meal dolls, a playmobil, a home made spoon doll, and some other characters we've picked up at various places. 

how GLAD i am that we decided to get rid of the barbies! sparrow is obsessed with beautiful princess stuff, and i think it is not healthy to indulge that too much. this, their eclectic, piecemeal family, is so much more interesting, despite the fact that most of the dolls are spatially challenged (way too small for their environment)!

left to right: aunt zelda, father harry ("because he's very hairy!"), mother isabella, daughter ann, daughter cherry (she's only nine!)(and i don't know why both of the daughters are naked at the dinner table...sounds about right, though), ...princess olivia, also known as rosemary (me: "and what is she in the family? the cousin?" sp:"no! she's the princess!" ...oh. of course. the princess of the family...) at the bottom we have cousin angelina sitting down with baby ocean, and of course "uncle tony," their dog who looks like a lion. the beloved pet horse, "starfish," looks on.

 oh and how could i have forgotten the doctor, Dr. westerband in this photo!?! sorry, my dear, diminutive dr. westerband. (it was the name of my real OB, of course! hahahaha!)

 here is the pet room. not all the animals are named yet. they also have a pink pony which they have named "elead."

i love playing with my girls!!

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