Tuesday, November 2, 2010

october oddness

me singing: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once i caught a fish alive. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, then i let him go again. why did you let him go? because he bit my finger so! which finger did he bite?" (i pause for sparrow's answer.) all of a sudden, golden jumps in and says, "God!" -oct. 4 (oh dear, already got the sunday school answer thing down pat!)

sp: "i promised i would fall asleep, but...i just forgot." -oct. 7

sparrow was getting all worked up trying to get golden to try some home made salsa, but golden kept refusing.
me: "don't worry, she'll probably start liking it when she's four, like you."
sp: "but mom, this salsa won't last that long!" -oct. 7

sparrow looking at the new princess band-aids box: "mommy, belle looks like she's giving birth." -oct. 6

sp: "i hope heaven has a wood floor." -oct. 4 (do ya think she'll be disappointed when she finds it is not wood, but gold?)

sparrow put a hat on silas and was so delighted with it. "we should show himself to himself." -oct. 5

me: "silas, you've been so good over there, you've been in there for almost an hour!"
sp: "yeah and he was SO good in your belly when he was all by himself!" -oct. 6

golden calls the broom the "sweeper." -oct. 8

golden telling auntie omi about her little brother: "silas. red. hairs." -oct. 4

we were going through our MEP math lesson, and one of the questions for sparrow was "what do the grownups in your family do?"
sp: " the grownups watch movies in the night and look on the computer at morning."
q: "what do the children in your family do?"
sp: "the children kill scorpions in the night and buy pumpkins at morning."

then she really got on a roll:
"the dad juggles and the mom sings funny things. the grandma buys halos. golden likes to trip over her toys and fall on her head. she likes to throw bananas out in the desert and i like to throw watermelons out in the desert." -oct. 8

me: "how do they figure our baby is a boy? well, he's wearing boy clothes! if the baby looks like a boy, people will think it's a boy. if the baby looks like a girl, people will think it's a girl."
sp: "and if the baby looks like obama, people will think it's obama!" -oct. 10

sp: "i really feel bad for that man that he had to wait for 46 days." (this was the day after we had read the story of the pool of bethesda. the actual time the man waited to be healed was 38 years!) -oct. 14

sparrow looking at one of our wedding pictures: "mommy, you're so pretty there. i want to keep you that way."  -oct. 14

me: "danielle's great grandpa died. he went to heaven."

sp: "is he in the throne yard?"
me: "what are you talking about? what's a throne yard?"

sp: "that place where people die in a bunch of boxes!" -oct. 17

sp. re: silas: "why doesn't he have any eyebrows--he has no FUR!" -oct. 17

sp: "if our next daughter is a kitty, we can name her 'hello kitty.'" -oct. 17

I had gotten myself into a fix getting annoyed at these barbies that sparrow kept finding in the car (i had put them in there to get rid of, and apparently never gotten around to it.) i had to apologize for getting mad and explain why we don't want the barbies in our house. sparrow listened patiently and then said, "and besides, that one with the red dress had lint on it." (could i have asked for a better daughter? she's so precious!) -oct. 23

sp: "silas, you're so cute and pretty, i want to eat you. ...i want to eat myself, cause i'm so beautiful."
me: "and what makes you beautiful?"
sp: pauses to think, says finally, "...this dress."
me, laughing: "the Bible says it's your gentle and quiet spirit. your heart."
sp: "...and God can see inside this heart that's in me! and he also thinks i'm beautiful when i'm wearing NO clothes, and NO panties!" -oct. 23

sp: "God's light is SO white, it's not even dark white!" -oct. 24

silas is lying on the couch, crying: arms flailing, mouth open, eyes closed.
sp: "he looks like he's worshiping!" -oct. 24

golden, re: silas: "she's a little tadpole!" -oct. 26

me: "he who does not work does not eat."
g: "God is eating da flowers." -oct. 28

sp: "i'm gonna be 45 before silas."

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