Thursday, February 2, 2012

December and January Little Wisdom

The girls were listening to Amy Grant's "My Best Christmas" a lot. One day, Sp. asked me why she keeps saying "doo-wa, doo-wa, ooooooh" and my response was, "that's just a filler word. It doesn't mean anything but keeps the rhythm of the song." A few days later, she was listening to the "Tender Tennessee Christmas" song. Apparently, she doesn't know all her states, cause she came to me seriously and said,
"Mom. I know that 'Colorado' is just a filler word." LOL! -Dec. 5

Sp: (while playing bears or animals of some sort) "Bye bye! I'm harmonating!" -Dec. 18

G: (singing her made-up song):
"Trees come up to earth
Cars drive over them.
Jesus sleeps on the moon
He knows how to read." -Dec. 18

Sp: (trying to whistle)
"Mom, licking your lips is like putting ink in a pen." -Dec. 20

me: "What does 'invisible' mean, Golden?"
G: "mmmm...mmmmm....whiny?" -Jan. 3

Sp: "We'll only die for a minute... I mean--the shortest shortest time you can imagine." -Jan. 3

G: "Mommy! My baby is coming soon!"
Dad: "Oh yeah? What's it gonna be, a boy or a girl?"
G: "A girl with eyelashes and pink."
Dad: "What's its name gonna be?"
G: "Toothless." (lol--oddly appropriate!) -Jan. 28

G: "Mom, this sign says, 'thank you, butterfly, for giving us a cupcake, and an ice cream, and cake, and another cupcake, and a card..." (on and on she went, while i waited for her to finish reading the "don't drink the irrigation water" sign, with silas getting heavier and heavier in my arms! hah!) -Jan. 26

G: "I had a nice dream about a quail, and it got burned, and the bad-guy quails threw her off a cliff. And she got aten, and she became a baby." (the first utterances to come out of her mouth that morning! love age 3.5!) -Jan. 27

G: "Mom, I love you, but I might have a scary dream, so I need somebody to sleep with me."
me: "well, that's why you have Sparrow. You have each other."
G: "No, I need somebody tall... very tall." -Jan. 27

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