Wednesday, February 29, 2012

January and February Brilliance

me: "What does 'invisible' mean, Golden?"
G: "hmmmm.......mmm....(rolling her eyes about to think) .....whiny?" -Jan. 3

Sp: "We'll only die for a minute...I mean,--the shortest, shortest time you can imagine." -Jan. 3

G: "Mommy! My baby is coming soon!"
dad: "Oh yeah? What's it gonna be, a boy or a girl?"
G: "A girl with eyelashes and pink."
dad: "What's its name gonna be?"
G: "Toothless." -Jan. 28

(some argument about a bike going on)
me: "There's another bike outside."
G: "Nooooo! Skunks like me, and they spray stink out of their tails, and I don't wanna take a bath!" -Feb.  1 (lol--apparently she had heard that there was a skunk outside)

G (cupping the face of some Catholic saint statue) "Jesus, do you love me?" -Feb. 1

me: "I have to go to Medi-CAL again and get something done."
G: "But Medi-CAL isn't that good!"
me: "I noticed."
G: "But Medi-CAL doesn't get that much money. To pay ice cream on Saturday. I mean bubble gum."
-Feb. 15

(listening to a song "take my breath away" by tuck and patti)
Sp: "He is singing about God. Cause God can sometimes take our breath away." -Feb. 15

G: "Why can Jesus make even the biggest messes?"
me: "Well, Jesus can do whatever He wants, but He doesn't want to make messes. He wants to make order."
G: "But in His heart He wants to make a BIG mess." -Feb. 27

Sp: "The devil is a hypocrite alien."
me: "Sparrow, what's a hypocrite?" 
Sp: "It's like... a tax collector bad guy. With a crown. Girls can be hypocrites too sometimes." -Feb. 28

Sp: "Mom, is a parakeet dinosaur twice as big as Silas?" (she may have been thinking 'pterodactyl'?) -Feb. 28

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