Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's Always Sunny in Arizona

God granted me friends. And then he granted me money. To go see those friends. In the epic Arizona trip of 2014.

I took my baby with me.

I left my husband at home, working his steady job.

I took my other children to stay at my awesome friends' house in Raleigh.

Baby turned 2 while we were in AZ. I paid for her return seat. And yet she would not get off my lap. Irony.

What a beautiful time! I will expound more later! At some point when it is not past midnight and I desperately need to follow Brendon Burchard's advice and ask myself if I am adequately rested. I want to be a high performer, after all.

I might even summarize my trip in a heartfelt poem. Later. For now, I give you... the pictures.


Me and my littlest 2-year-old!



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