Friday, April 18, 2014

Sparrow the Bird, Age 8

Sparrow, you are something straight from the heart of God. You are not like anyone else in our family, therefore, we would not be the same US if you were missing!

I love your original perspectives, and how you always find the positive view and encourage yourself, just as you were meant to do. It is amazing to see in someone so young, when I myself still have problems finding the positive. Oftentimes you are the one who reminds us all of the good that we can still be thankful for. It is such a blessing!

I so enjoy sharing our love for literature and history, and laughing at things that the babies do. It's so fun! You are a wonderer, a thinker, a dreamer, my goofy girl who just loves funny stuff. God loves that about you. I can just see Him in my mind's eye, laughing with you, dancing with you. You are His princess. Never forget that you are precious and a jewel in the eye of God.

I have loved you imperfectly, as much as I do enjoy delighting in you. But He loves you perfectly and that will be the greatest strength of your life. You can do anything with His love inside you.

Thank you for giving us 8 years of such amazing fun. I can't wait for all the rest of them! Having you grow up in our house is such a crazy privilege. I just want to tell you I appreciate every effort you've made, every act of restraint, every time you've asked for kisses, every cheerful "yes mommy," everything you've shared with your brothers and sisters. You. Are. Seen. What I haven't seen, God sees and he knows your precious heart. He is filling it up with love every day. Submit to His love and goodness, and it will keep bubbling out of you now and for eternity!

I love you, from the day you were born, through Boo-kie and Gee-baby, and Punny-munch and all your other wonder-filled stages, you are my daughter. And I am delighted with you. Just be you.

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