Monday, April 6, 2015

When Pippa Turned Three

When Pippa turned three...

She woke up in the morning and opened her first present, from her sisters: A stick of butter. It was wrapped and everything. Because Pippa loves butter.

Sparrow had thought of it in the kitchen the day before, and asked me if I could give her and Golden some money so they could get Pippa some B-U-T-T-E-R for her birthday. I just gave them the butter direct.

Every day Pippa asks me multiple times for a "piece of butter." If I say not right now, she blinks her blue eyes and says it again, sweetly, as if I hadn't heard her: "Can I've a piece a' budder?" Until usually I give her the piece a budder and tell her to run off. But she usually wants to "come up here" (sit on the counter) instead and help me cook. Which means, of course, actually looking through the spice cupboard and getting interesting utensils out of the drawer, and stirring things with an upward motion all onto the counter, and tasting batter.

Nowadays, if I say "no" to a "piece a budder," she then asks me for her "birthday budder," cause she figures I can't say no to something that's already hers.

When Pippa turned three...

She still showed four or five fingers to indicate how old she was.

She thought every day for the next two weeks that her "four-year" party was happening that day.

She got a red play phone from her mom and a movable frog head puppet thing on a stick (a find from a neighbor moving).

Her cake was a big 3 covered in MnMs.

We had a family tea party to celebrate. Six of us were there! (Daddy was at work.)

(Now you know why I have so many children. Instant birthday party without having to rely on other people to bring the manpower! We are the manpower!)

PS--I'm not anti other-people. But didn't necessarily find a party for a 3-yr-old necessary with all the bells and whistles. I am trying to simplify our lives, and she is, after all, only three. Sometimes we can glean so much more with less. Though we did invite some other families! But no one was able to come on such short notice. AND it happened to be Good Friday.

We ate Trader Joe's Gnocci Gorgonzola for dinner. And yum. All my children are obsessed with it.

When Pippa turned three...

She wore a dress. A fluffy pink dress. One that is a big deal in our family, actually. Golden had one just like it when she was two, which she wore until she was nearly four, and then when I saw this one at Once Upon a Child, I HAD to get it for sentimental reasons!

Pippa is my only girl who likes wearing pants. The other girls will only wear them if made to wear them. It's leggings with skirts or dresses for the older girls! In fact, the other day I cleaned out Once Upon a Child of its entire stock of black size 6 leggings. They want to look like princesses but play like puppies. Holes in leggings.

But this is about Pippa. Pippa is much more nonchalant about clothing. Well, she DOES have an opinion, but she likes... different things. Yellow instead of pink. Monkey and dog T-shirts rather than tutus.

But she does look good in a dress!

When Pippa turned three...

She had taught me a lot about mothering. She had taught me that it's OK to pick your battles. It's OK to let some things go. It's OK to speak to a child persuasively and let her know your heart toward her is good. She does not respond well to stressed-out command-barking. Does anyone? Probably not, but she is more obvious about rebelling against that particular style. And I am so thankful, because it's showing me how much I tend to do that. My two more naturally compliant girls make it not so obvious. Pippa brings out the truth to where I'm embarrassed about how I'm acting. Thus, I am learning much better to control myself and show my good heart for her, because she demands it. And I really respect her for it, actually. I hope to transfer that feeling of honor to all my interactions with all my children. I do hope to instill in her the habit of obedience and quick responding, and will continue to train her, but at least I know where my voice is concerned, I have grown better because of her.

Pippa is Bright. Happy birthday, Bright Child!

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