Saturday, April 18, 2015

To Sparrow, On Her Ninth Birthday

Sparrow, whenever you feel frustrated, or sad, or alone,
whenever you feel small,
whenever the chair has slammed down on your foot
or you've lost someone special to you
or you can't seem to get a hold of your own emotions
or you feel overwhelmed
or confused about life
or fearful of the future,

Remember there is a Helper, the one who made you. You will take courage because of your eternal identity. Center yourself and remember you are loved. You don't have to feel brave to do brave things. You are already, utterly loved to the ends of the earth. Enjoy the beauty of God's world around you. I've had you with me for nine beautiful years. I am so excited about your future! There will be wild fun. Deep ideals. Beautiful friendships and trust in the Lord. Angels. Revelation. Be confident. Because what is hidden inside you can never be taken away. It comes from the Father.

I cherish you so much. Your resilience, your joy and spark, your keep-at-em attitude, your independence and do-it-yourself unctions! Your creativity and open, unassuming nature. How you strive to do better and strive to do better, and get up and try again. Your many ideas, and your team-player contributions. Your thoughtfulness, the way you love the younger ones. Your passion for story. Your sense of duty. How you love to sing. Your hope. Your humor. Your long, snuggly limbs.

Happy birthday, little big one. I love you nine years long, but really, I can't remember you not existing. Thank you for being mine.

You’re beautiful, powerful, strong and brave.

Kind and cunning, 

Pure and loving. 

Full of grace and full of truth.

Full of wisdom beyond your youth. 

Radiant, royal, a spiritual being,

Quick in hearing and quick in seeing.

Bold and secure and loved and free,

Ezer warriors you shall be. 

Eternally sure, even when you miss.

You are here for such a time as this. 

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