Sunday, January 31, 2016

Silver's First Birthday

It has been four months since the event, and this mama is determined to get back into the family record-keeping aspect of blogging which is why she started this blog in the first place.

So better late than never.

Silver's first year was crazy and wonderful. She wasn't crazy. Our circumstances were sometimes crazy. She was pure wonderful.

A couple of milestones:

Birth: January 9th, 2015

Loved by all siblings. Came home January 11th to all four siblings, a dad, and grandparents from Germany who were there specifically to welcome her into the world.

For months she just slept and nursed, slept and nursed. Sweetly, so sweetly.

Around three months she started batting at the hanging toys over her bouncy chair. glory of glories. There is always great rejoicing.

There was turning over, then rocking, sitting up, and crawling.

First solid food, around six months, in the upstairs room of our friend's house where we were staying in between houses... Her first solid food was squash from our friend's garden.

She first stood up at seven months.

We moved into our first home (that we owned!) when she was just over seven months old. Her first real home.

Took first steps around 12 months.

It took til 13 months til she was really walking.

She is a gorgeous little being, sweet and excited.

In the winter, Thomas found an old tiny little Elmo in our attic of our new home. He brought it down and I just nodded toward the trash can. It was cheap and dusty and of questionable origin. But Silver! I remember she was wearing green flannel footie pajamas handed down from her brother (with trucks on them, thank you, she's the fifth child...) And she just flipped over love for this elmo thing when she saw it! She screamed with such energy when Thomas threw it in the trash, that we fished it out, cleaned it, and now it is one of her most beloved toys.

Oh Silver.

Her first birthday was spent at home with the siblings. I made her fruity muffins in the morning, then we bought her a beautiful fruity cake at Whole foods to have with dinner that night.

Silver--how God has blessed you. How He has blessed us in giving you to us. The perfect addition, a spunky, sweet, and amazing being that brings more laughter into our home every day. Thank you for being you and showing us more of God.

You are my earliest to attempt to sing.
You are my earliest to attempt to dance.
You are my earliest to start kissing us!
You are my only one to care about fashion so young. Haha! When I put a new outfit on you, you parade down the hall proudly to show the rest of the family and are all smiles under their praise.

We love you, Silver. All my heart, Mama

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