Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Golden's 8th Birthday

Golden the Golden.

This will be addressed to you directly.

You're precious, wise, thoughtful. I love your sensitive spirit. You're hilarious, original, and such an amazing artist. You're a really good friend and I love seeing you interact with people. You've been a delight for eight whole years! Don't hesitate! God made you powerful and smart and capable. I pray for the strength and wisdom to keep building you up in your identity in God. You are a true jewel in the world, Golden. Always believe you can do anything.

On your birthday we went to Whole Foods for breakfast with Daddy.

I think it was a "stack the cats" game.

Several days later we had your party at the Fort Eustis Aquatic Center which has a fun pool and a slide! Miss Genie came with Genevieve and Rachel and several of her older children and it was super fun! 

Although I have to say, I was wrestling with that dang cat cake for FOREVER and I made us really late, and I was so stressed that I yelled a lot, and for that I am sorry. I hope that part is erased from your brain. I love you so much. May you grow as a healer and a seer this year. May you know your identity as in Christ beyond anything else, and may it give you amazing confidence! 

Mommy-daughter picture 2016!

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