Thursday, September 8, 2016

Silas' 6th Birthday and Some Anecdotes

I just saw Silas at the library playing with another boy. He was chasing the younger boy around, silently. Every now and then the other boy would RUN to the shelf and pullout a book or a few books and throw them on the floor. And every time he did, Silas would go over and put the book back into the shelf. And then the little boy would do it again. And Silas would silently pick it up and reshelve again. Then the book chunks started getting bigger and bigger. Next time the boy ran over to pull books out, Silas stood in front of him and said, "don't mess up the books." The boy got a little upset with him. But Silas stood firm.  -July 18, 2016

Us: "Silas, would you like a little brother?"
Silas: "No. ...I can play with my sisters now." June 2016


(Continued 2-07-17) It's been such a long time since I journaled on here! I wanted to relate about Silas, and his turning six, and Golden, and her turning 8. We'll do Silas in this post, even though his birthday is later, because I already related two summer anecdotes about him above!

Silas' birthday was a home day. Thomas had the car at work, so we were home bound, but auntie Martina had sent him $50 and I had bought him a few presents, the most memorable of which was a 50-pc set of crayola colored pencils. We ALL fell in love with them! And spent most of the day in fact on my bed coloring! Silas was being really generous and sharing them.

Later we had a party at the Mariners Museum! The Thompsons were able to come and so were Mrs. Crowder and Asher. We had baked a cake and decorated it with blue frosting and fruits that the girls made into boat-shapes! It was a HOT day and I feared the icing would melt--it was whipped-cream based--but it didn't and I think Silas had a good time.

Silas, you are beautiful. Thank you for being so sincere, and so willing to help--you have a great attitude about that, and it shows your heart of gold. I love that you love the outdoors and animals so much (animals are your favorite thing in the world), and I love your enthusiasm about dinosaurs. Haha--I know I will someday miss you going into "T-rex mode." You are serious and funny and sweet and still Smiley Silas. What an amazing gift you have been to me and Daddy, for six whole years now. I pray you grow in wisdom and faith this year--that you would find strength when you need it, believe in the angels God has placed around you, that you would find comfort when you need it, and encouragement and hope. You are doing so good. Thank you too, for being my enthusiastic trash-bag replacer. You have no idea what a help that is! I love you like crazy. I can't wait to take you to the jungle! Love, Mama

What we did all day on Silas' birthday

They like beer for some reason. He got his own non-alcoholic beer for his birthday dinner! 

That's a peach-boat cake.

Opening some cool stuff. This was a badminton set that I got him. 

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