Monday, February 5, 2007


sparrow last month went from being a punny-munch to a doodlebug. it's in her face. she brings out the nicknamer in me. she went to dr. vic's on the 1st of feb. and surprisingly only weighed 18 lbs.--my back had thought she was a little heavier than that! also, 28 inches tall now. she can flip off light switches (something thomas taught her) and switch objects between hands in order to hang on to them when i am trying to get her arms into or out of sleeves. that i noticed last week and was utterly amazed. today she learned to bbbbbbbb her lips and was also coppying me when i blew air out my nose! perhaps the days of having to fish out her "boogies" are over. though recently she hasn't been minding as much, since we explain to her what we're doing, and she has also discovered that hey--she can get our boogies, too! the other day as she was digging in my nose with such an eager expression on her face, she scratched the inside and made me bleed! but i have become quite tolerant of such pain; she bites my arms and shoulders ALL the time; i have welts all over them! but i know they are love bites and they make me laugh. gotta go to bed. more later. x

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