Monday, February 19, 2007

hot hat

sparrow is amazing at her "hat" sign now, and she also knows where her ears are! touches them when we ask her where they are. so sweet. today she made me laugh by misinterpreting a word. i was drinking tea or eating something hot, and when sparrow reached out for it, i said, "nooo, HOT." at which point she started patting her head with the "hat" sign!

we all did a family outing to the laundromat, and thomas was great in taking care of her the whole time. eventually he took her next door to mojo's to get some tea, and a few minutes later, he came running back with her, and the cup of tea, and he said, "help me love! i'm sorry, she grabbed the sugar packet!" i looked at baby, who was happily munching, and in her hand was a half-eaten packet of c&h white refined cane sugar!! nooooooo! i tried to pry her mouth open and get out the sugar, but it was already dissolved, and i couldn't even get the paper out! she was sooooooo pleased! she had another packet in her other hand, and she was very sad indeed when we took them away. that was her very first taste of processed sugar, and it will be her last for a very, very long time. i am already seeing the ill effects; tonight she refused to eat her kale and porridge! grrr...

i am so pleased with how our bedtime routine is coming along: first i take her into the bathroom to wash her face and hands; she loves washing her hands, but not her face. then we go turn on her german lullabies cd. then, for the past few days, she's been noticing her goodnight moon book on the shelf and making her distinct "i want that" grunting sounds. so i let her grab it and take her in the closet/playroom to chenge her diaper. put on lots of the herbal salve stuff every night, and rashes stay far far away. then put on a clean onesie or pj's, brush her teeth, (for about 7 seconds because she won't let me), and then i set her on my lap with the book and we read it once through. i point to the objects as i say them, and she is quite intent at listening, also pointing out things she likes. she especially loves the "two little kittens." she begins to whine when i put the book down, but then i say, "ok, turn the light off!" and she knows exactly what i mean. she goes straight for the light switch and pushes/pulls on it until it turns off, (thomas taught her this a few weeks ago...) and we nurse in the glider til she falls asleep. it is a great time; i try to pray over her while she falls asleep. confession: i often doze off myself.

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