Monday, March 5, 2007

3 cute things

one is from a month or so ago, when she was sleeping next to me during a nap, i believe. she usually sleeps on her tummy with her feet tucked in under her, but she ended up on her back for some reason. the whole time we were sleeping, i was vaguely aware that her little legs were frequently up in the air and absently rotating. when i thought about it later, it made me laugh so much. she's used to having her knees up under her tummy and her legs were trying to find their usual resting point, but were encountering nothing. she reminded me of a bug stranded on its back... or a possum? (why a possum? do they lie on their backs or something? i don't remember. oh yes, i think they play dead.)

the other two are from today:

we wash her hands every night before bed. we put a dab of soap in her hands and then rub them together the whole time we are singing the abc song. tonight i was super out of it and too tired to get on the soap and singing train right away. i just stood there for a minute and let her run her hands under the water. when i snapped to it, i realized she was rubbing her hands together by herself, and making attempted singing noises! oh my goodness, i practically started crying, it was the sweetest (and smartest!) thing she could have done. she remembers and loves her bedtime routine, and it's so flattering because i created it!

during our reading of goodnight moon, i made the "young mouse" sound (squeaky), and she tried to copy me! but it came out as clicking. it's hard to describe sounds and how they are made, but believe me that it was another heartbreaking moment.

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Stacy said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Isn't it unbelievable how much they soak in and how they learn so fast. We read "Goodnight moon" every night....TREY LOVES IT!!!! He now says alot of things....but the cutest is the way he says the title, "noonigh moon". Oh i can't wait to meet Sparrow. I hope your travels go well.