Monday, March 12, 2007

and we're off

sparrow is learning so fast that i definitely cannot keep up on the blogging. today was the absolute cutest: i taught her where her belly button is (and mine.) then i would say, "where's sparrow's belly button?" and she would faithfully point inwards... but to her chest, as if her belly button were right in between her nipples, haha, i know that one's not gonna last long, so i got it on video even though i got kind of a crappy perspective since she couldn't know the camera was there.

i can definitely see her will emerging more and more as she is learning to whine and to create a reaction with loud crying. luckily i'm the one that appreciates her cuteness the most, so i am also best able to deal with the annoying parts of her human nature!

tomorrow we will be flying away to ireland and germany and london, and i have lots and lots of wonderings on how it's gonna be with this little insatiable one... but we are off, no doubt, and ready for the adventure! oh, God dropped off on my doorstep today an anonymous envelope with cash and a note that said, "spending money for ireland--have fun!" i am always blown away. thanks to whomever let Him speak such a generous thing into your heart! more later, my head isn't on straight right now. sleeeeeep!!!

here's a shot of packing. she broke the suitcase playing in it like this...

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Tara Jones said...

I can't wait for you to get back!