Saturday, March 3, 2007

it was dang funny today when she ate a piece of gum off the floor while thomas and i were letting her cruise happily around the office as we tried to fix the internet. we weren't paying that much attention to her; she was loudly and happily crinkling a blue piece of acetate that thomas had given her. suddenly, she began to cry, and the next thing i noticed was the strange minty smell. for a minute i thought she somehow swallowed something crazy like mouthwash. but then i saw a bitten-into piece of hard square gum on the floor and understood. she was looking up at us with such confusion in her eyes and crying, like, "Why? why does it taste like this?" hahahahahaa, poor baby! definitely the most potently flavorful thing she's ever found on the floor. we had to feed her yogurt to get the taste out.

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