Saturday, May 12, 2007

kissing and too hot

today thomas and i were kissing in the living room and sparrow was playing on the floor. she absolutely would not let us make out in peace! she got really excited and would come over immediately and start pulling our hair really hard! of course wanting to participate in the kissing action, and we definitely don't mind bestowing love upon her...

last month she was really grasping the "hot" concept. well, she was grasping the sign anyways, and would use it in a wide range of situations. for example. not only does she do the sign (blowing on her hand) when i have a mug of hot coffee, but she eagerly does it when i say under my breath, "it's really hot in here!" or "your daddy is hot!" then one time she touched a cup of ice water and also responded with the hot symbol. but generally, i would tell her, "don't touch--that's hot!" and it was so sweet one day when she was getting into the trash can or something and i said, "don't touch!" and immediately she started blowing on her hand, because usually it is followed with--hot! of course. she learns and associates things waaay faster than i give her credit for. now she has started to "hot" even things that are only mildly warm, such as her bath water, and the word has become therefore slightly useless as a danger alarm to her... oh... well.

hahaha, ps- today (may 20) i was waving my hands over her really hot noodles and blowing on them one by one, and she made sure she was helping by waving her hands wildly about and also blowing on each noodle before eating it. sigh.

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Tara Jones said...

this is so cute i can't even stand it!