Thursday, May 3, 2007

tiny little one-year-old

i really should be updating this every day because of how much sparrow learns and does daily. not that it will ever be as amazing to anyone else to read all about how she can shake her head now or how she laughs when she knocks over the tower of blocks. but indeed this journal of her babyhood is more for her (and well, me) than anyone else so that's who i should be thinking about when i write these posts.

for now, let it be sufficient to say that she is walking shakily about the living room and she always gets herself amped and starts shrieking before she does it, like "here we go! i can do this, i know i can!" she began doing little steps around her birthday, i believe the first observed instance happened on tuesday the 17th of april at the graham's house in AZ. the first time i saw it was on the 19th in lauren's living room when we were all at na's bridal shower. sparrow had just received a birthday present from na: these adorable, hilarious, turkish pointy pom-pom slippers, and was standing at the couch playing with them. i had the camera and came up behind her to take a pic. she turned around and saw me and smiled soooo big and happy that it just made her start taking little steps toward me! but i think i messed her up for life cause at that point i wasn't wanting her to walk. no walking until thomas gets back from china! i didn't even think and freaked out a little, like "not now! get down!" and poor girl was like, "what? what did i do wrong?" but got back on the floor and was afraid to even try for the next week and a half. bad mama!!!!!

sequence of pics:

i didn't even get the actual walking part. just the before and after.

oh well. she is getting pretty good at it now. check out this adorable video. adorable beyond adorable.

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The Fredricksons said...

WHOLLY COW THAT WAS ADORABLE!!! yea, she is really doing it!!!! That totally looked like Trey climbing up on the bed all over daddy!!! They are just too cute!!