Friday, February 29, 2008

i heart wine

one of my most looked-forward to things after i give birth is: wine. mmmmmm.

in september i will for sure be hosting a wine/beer/holy tea party for all the new mommies.

i confess i still drink it a little. i have heard from several doctors that it is ok to drink a glass even while pregnant. i definitely stay away from the hard liquor, though, and i must confess that drinking a little is almost worse than drinking none, because if it is good wine, then you want more, but then you really really have to deny yourself.

so while i am on wine parole, i will write a bit about it to keep myself at bay. let me start a list of our favorite wines. it seems that every time we are at trader joe's with an extra few dollars, we forget which kinds we have tried and liked--or not. i know two offhand, though, that i have found excellent on the palate:

ravenswood -zinfandel (that brand is actually consistently good and affordable)
smoking loon -syrah (that was the first time i had syrah, i think--yum!)

anyway, i am not a true wine connoisseur yet. i cannot describe it with the savvy and vocab that i have acquired for coffee. (light tannins? i am lost.) it seems like i find a type of wine that i like, merlot, for example, and then all i buy for awhile is merlot. then i hit a bad merlot. must be the brand, but you'd think...? my conclusion is that good wine has a LOT more to do with the manufacturer than the name of the grape.

ps- wine has tons of antioxidants, and the french, for all their faults drink a lot of it, and consequently live longer, even though they eat butter on everything! (just like me!) americans have an unhealthy fear of fat. i could write more on that. but later.


merochan said...

I'd be intereste on hearing about the unhealthy fear of fat of Americans. Also the theory that Calories arent real. SEriously I want to hear what you think.

graham+crystal said...

I'm with you on the wine thing. I've been craving it MORE THAN EVER. I'm going to wait at least until the first trimester is past, then let myself have a sip now and again. Have you ever had the question mark kind at Trader Joe's? It's just a big orange ? question mark on a black label. I think it's GREAT. I think the winery is Oreana? or something like that. Ah... consider this my RSVP for that beer/wine/tea party (if we're in town....)

Doris M McDonnell said...

ooh thanks for the tip! i HAVE always been intrigued by that brand, but been afraid to buy it. getting something on recommendation is always so much better, much as with movies. i hear the belvedere chardonnay is also great at tj's if you drink white. yeah, have some when you are past 12 weeks! (i cheated a little even before then.)