Thursday, February 21, 2008

pregnancy journal entry 1

12/16/2007 5:31:00 PM :: hi baby!

this is sunday. wednesday night tara and meg came over and brought me a "christmas present": a pregnancy test! i had "known" i was pregnant but was refusing to buy a test since they cost at least 8 dollars. then tara and meg were coming over for a coffee martini and i told them i should probably not have any hard liquor since i suspected the pregnancy! then they really wanted to know, which is why they bought me the test. i didn't take it til thursday when i was alone, since i wanted thomas to be the first to know. it turned out with a "plus" immediately. the same day, i went to IV Clinic and had it confirmed. they calculated i was 5-6 weeks already. friday night i told sparrow, "there's a baby in there!" pointing to my belly. she is sooo sweet: she said, "hi, baby!" and waved. now she keeps remembering when she sees my belly button, and says, "hi, belly--hi,!" as if she is still trying to get it right: there's in there! right! no nausea yet, i pray that it either kicks in or just that this baby sticks and is a strong one. a bit antsy about that, but it's ok. and i need not have any more wine this holiday season. not that i go overboard, but... just in case. we have just been telling whoever we want already, this time around. i hadn't found a good moment to tell alan and melissa, but then i told them this morning, and...they already knew!! they were pretty light-hearted about it, but dang! they said they overheard. well, liz slipped a little yesterday whole melissa was there, but i didn't think she had heard. oops! since it's really going to affect their lives, i wish i had been the one to tell them. oh well!! that's that.

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