Thursday, February 28, 2008

sparrow's funniness never ceases

new quotes by baby:

"i made a poop." (feb. 10th) so proud that she can tell me now. still trying to get her to tell me BEFORE she does it!

"daddy is wake-upping." (feb. 10th)

"i bonked the chin." (feb. 10th)

now she answers her self when she asks to watch a movie.
"watch a movie? ...maybe after put da clothes on."
"maybe after kitchen."
"maybe after food."

"i made a sheepy. sheepy's crying. sheepy's cold."
"i made a baby. tiny eyes, tiny nose."
"squiggly lines." (feb. 11th)
i swear, after trying SO hard not to expose her to the detrimental effects of people drawing cutesy pictures for her, she is now already labeling her drawings as sheepies and babies. cute, but bummer. i don't want her to have those kinds of expectations and boxes around her art already. she is supposed to be free to just practice kinetic scribbling until age 3 or so. well, i will do my best to continue with free-art style encouragement!

oh hah, this is a funny one: she pooped, then smelled it, then said,
"mommy pooted." (feb. 11)

me: "sparrow, do we throw our silverware on the floor?"
sp: "yes, mama!" (feb. 17)
hahahhaa! just like a good little girl!

me: "sparrow, where are your socks?"
sp: "maybe in da living room." (feb. 17)

"daddy wake up? no, daddy's still sleeping." (feb. 18th)

"i saw the noise!" (feb. 18th)

so yeah, she asks me about 50 times a day if she can watch a movie. this is how it goes: "mama?" "what." "watch a movie." it NEVER varies. ALL the time. even right after she watches one.
the worst was, one day she WAS watching one, and she asked me during the movie! hahahahaaaaaa
the best one was one night when she was about to go to sleep: (feb. 23)
"mama?" "what." "...i love you."
aaaaaah! sigh. what did you say? it must have been the first time she said that to me without me saying it to her first! these are the best things in life. see? there ARE benefits to parenting your toddler to bed! must keep that in mind.

we are out on the balcony watching to lunar eclipse, and someone walks by downstairs. sparrow says, "there's a people!" (feb. 21)

so one day she wakes up from her nap and alan is out in the living room vacuuming. the first thing she says in her blurry sleepy voice is, "mama, alan's cleaning the crummies." (feb. 23)

sparrow listening to thomas' morning noises. bathroom clatter:
"daddy's coming!" then, "daddy had to spit." (feb. 25)

"i heard a train, mama!" (feb. 24)
that was the first time she used "heard" for hearing something instead of "saw." usually when she hears a hawk outside, for example, she says, "i saw a hawk!"

she is getting really good at "mine" and "yours," she knows to say, "this is yours," or "this is mama's," etc.

the other week, i swear she used a past tense, it was astounding! she says, "help mama, i stucked!" (she usu. says "stucked" for stuck. if she gets her foot stuck she says, "i stucked it.") so i walk over from the kitchen to see if she is stuck. but apparently she has loosed herself cuz she's just lying on the floor. i say, "you're not stuck!" and she says to me, "i WAS stuck."

so i know that those child development standards "where your child is supposed to be at what age" guides are dumbed down, but come on, do they really think that a kid who is almost three is supposed to be saying two to three word sentences? i swear that is what one dad told me the other day. hm. if my not-yet-two year-old can change "i'm stucked" to "i was stuck" in the correct context, those things are REALLY dumbed down. just like "no child left behind," eh? let's make EVERYONE seem equally unintelligent! that way the truly unintelligent ones can feel good about themselves! i smell democrats at work here.

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