Sunday, January 3, 2010

december declarations

(looking out the car window)
"mom, maybe that bird gone astray." -dec. 2

"hey, look, there's a slave lion!" (it was a sphinx in a magazine. she didn't know what to call it, but made up the most logical name, from having seen 'the prince of egypt.')
"mom, stop pretending like you're the police." -dec. 6

(talking about going to see the snow)
"...and golden will hope that it's really warm, but it's COLD." -dec. 7

"i'll fought him!" (runs after Dad) -dec. 7

"you'll be dora and i'll be mary and golden will be ABC. but golden is already ABC." (don't ask me what she meant! -dec. 8

sp: "i'm squirting like a squirt-hog."
me: "what's a squirt-hog?"
sp: "it's a raccoon who squirts." -dec. 16

(singing to the tune of "o come let us adore Him")
"o come look at my paper, o come look at my paper!" -dec. 17

(singing her made-up christmas song)
"she held him close, she held him close, she held him close in her wraps...the song of a bird came to mary...and her tears came down and down and down..." -dec. 18

me: "where's the moon tonight?"
sp: "maybe it went out on a date. it's not in our country. maybe it went to school." -dec. 18

(building with blocks)
"look at these mistimulus buildings." (i think she meant 'mysterious' but she retained the word 'stimulus' from political radio from the car, no doubt!) -dec. 18

"let's hope the sun doesn't go down while we're taking a nap." -dec. 20

(telling a story)
"...and one day when he was going to the store, he realized that it was his birthday. and eyeore thought he was going to die when it was his birthday. but it wasn't a dying birthday, it was a happy christmas party birthday. 'happy christmas!' said everyone." -dec. 22

sp: "it's a digit in here!"
me: "what's a digit?"
sp: "a digit is a kind of place that we don't like." -dec. 26

me: "the pharaohs worshiped the sun, and the moon, water...things like that."
sp, mysteriously: "maybe they worshiped house." -dec. 30

"mom, some of the poop came out like frosting! wanna see?" (pointing excitedly behind her into the toilet) -dec. 30

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