Saturday, January 2, 2010

a new one

the christmas craziness is over, the much loved, but dead and crackly tree which barely hung on, reluctantly absconded with and ornaments mostly put away. and here we are, left not with melancholy, but with freshness, newness. new year and a new child on the way.

christmas day the queasy and tired feeling began after our porkulous breakfast of pancakes and bacon. i thought for several days that it was only the effects of all the bad food we had eaten. but when i didn't want my coffee on sunday morning, i knew something was up. i also began craving potatoes that night, and didn't stop eating them through monday. i held off taking the test til tuesday morning, but on the 29th it became official, and we are overjoyed.

this pregnancy feels different already because i am different. i am happy and contented. i embrace it all as part of the blessed joy of using my body the way God intended. He wants to create LIFE in me! it is becoming more and more foreign to me how i could ever have been of the mindset of saying "no" to what God created me for. well, i have a womb, and why would i say to Him, "why did you make me this way?" everything's peaceful here then. we can do with less. we are His soldiers and He makes us strong. but we also have great expectations. and waterfalls of grace are pouring down as we humbly accept God's highest calling: the working out of His father heart and mother heart in us.

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