Sunday, January 3, 2010

golden's words

golden is acquiring words at the pace of at least one per day now, and i am not too surprised that most of them are english. (today she kept saying "the butt! the butt!" after her bath.) but she has some good german ones going as well. she also does car sounds, airplanes, trains, animals, etc. on dec. 1st we were all amused before our naptime to observe her all alone in her crib doing a train sound to herself over and over: "tg-tg-tg-tg-tg hoo, hoo!" sparrow told me even today (jan. 3rd): "golden is really good at playing." yep! another thing i find so hilarious about her is that she says "the" (or "da") in front of many of her words. here is a list of as many words as i can remember that she can currently say.

the bite (when she's begging daddy for food)
the baby
cereal (unclearly, but i can still tell what she's saying)
hider (what they call the sun shades for the car window)
soup (pronounced "doup!")
chips (pronounced "dipsh")
the car
up-up-up (when she wants up)
all right! & let's go! & hey hey! (when we're singing the dora the explorer song)
let's go (when she wants to leave)
the bird
boots (as in, the monkey from d. the explorer)
knock knock (pronounced "na-nack.")
off (esp. when she wants me to take her shoes or socks off)

decke (blanket) (pronounced by golden "dagacka")
mehr (more)
baer (bear)
schuh (shoe)
baum (tree)
nass (wet)
nase (nose)
hase (rabbit)
brille (glasses)
tschuess (bye)
wasser (water)
tee (tea)
tuer (door)
laut (loud)
kacke (poop)
amen (amen)

golden also has several words that she consistently says in her very own way:
bambum (means "apple")
datadung (means "i want a drink of water")
gakung (means "uncle")
papo (means "opa," grandpa)

the other day i caught golden praying! she was looking at a little board book that has a song with written music on the last page. when she got to the last page, she leaned over the ottoman and the book, folded her hands, bowed her head, and did a little quiet mumbling to herself. then she straightened up and said "amen." i have no idea why that book compelled her to pray, but she seems to do it quite often when she looks at that one! maybe it's the music that reminds her of worship/devotion time? golden actually has been the one to remind us to pray at the table several times! suddenly she folds her hands or says "pray." so amazing how they can catch on so early!

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