Saturday, May 8, 2010

blog changes

for awhile now, i have been wanting to steer this blog into more of a family-doings-only one, but as you can tell... i have a lot of other stuff to say as well! i am starting a new blog to catch all of my motherly, wifely, political, and personal thoughts. hopefully that will leave this one open to be more of a family journal so the girls can one day go back and see what they were doing without having to sift through my personal rants! =)

i have re-posted a few things on my new blog, "more on the way," but if i can find more attractive templates for wordpress, i am going to change it again, so stay tuned! and there will soon be more words and pictures both here and there.

follow me on the new blog if you have enjoyed (even in a masochistic way) reading my convictions and musings, or if not, feel welcome to keep updated on the family stuff (quotes and things) here.

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