Saturday, May 1, 2010

march, april adages

"i love heaven and i love san francisco, so i wanna come back down after we go there." (to heaven) -march 14

"does God allow us to just good and only good and all good things?" (in heaven) -march 18

"and if you go away on summer vacation all by yourself, daddy will watch us!" -march 19

sp: "i wanna meet obama."
me: "why?"
sp: "you said he was nice when you meet him."
me: "oh, i'm sure he is very nice to everyone he meets, it's just that he has some terrible ideas about how to run the country. very, very bad."
sp: "hey! the devil is bad too!" -march 25

"i'm excited for golden, that she's gonna grow up, and be three years old." -march 14

"if i turn four before golden, the i'll won. but if she turns four before me, then she'll won." -march 14

sp: "i've never seen a dinosaur."
me: "that's because they don't exist anymore. they lived a long time ago."
sp: "but we never went there to see them!"
me: "no, they lived and died before we were born."
sp: "it was when we were in our grandma's bellies." -march 25

me: "a girl who is hungry eats what's set before her."
sp: "that's what the Bible says... is that what the Bible says?"
me: "well not really. it does say to eat what's set before you. even if you think it's...sketchy."
sp: "does it taste like ketchup?"
me: "sketchy? no, that's just a way to describe something. it doesn't taste like anything."
sp: "but if you put beans in it, it'll taste like beans." -march 22

sp: " come on, let's floss!"
(me writing, sparrow impatient to floss teeth)
sp: "are you doing it fast? cause i don't want my teeth to turn black!" -march 22

me: "ok girls, let's tackle the bedroom."
sp: "how do you tackle the bedroom?"
me: "well, it means to attack."
sp: "you need to do it with lots of muscles. i'll show you how."
(runs off & comes back)
sp: "here's how you do it. you put on a scary face, and then you attack the bedroom!"
(runs and attacks her bed) -march 22

"hey mom! i discovered something. it's not something naughty, but it's something that i'll tell you: it's not going to be warm every day." -march 29

Golden: "happy dir-day raining, pthpthpthpthpth!" -march 30
(wanting to sing "the foolish man built his house upon the sand" which includes rain coming down and the splatting of the house in the end... but the only song she knows is happy birthday.)

"we know God, and we don't go on the big way that is with the instruction." (she meant destruction!) -april 2

"they go on the big road, but when they get there, they see that it's for instruction." (again, destruction. we were reading matthew 7:13-14) -april 2

"baweebee!" (golden saying strawberry) -april 2

"i didn't know myself when i was a baby, but you did, and you said, 'hm, this baby looks like a sparrow!'" -april 7

sp: "mom! i saw some generations!"
me: "what do you mean?"
sp: "i saw two trees that were the same size. that's a generation." -april 12

(singing a little song she made up)
"i wake up in the morning and i say to myself, what if i go down to the cafe and have a hot chocolate, even though i'm sick...but it's really not true..." -april 12
(i very much enjoy her songs. woman after my own heart with the cafe idea!!)

(there was a little baby crying in his mom's sling)
g: "baby!"
me: "you see a baby? yeah!"
g: "mom? mom?" (i look at her to see what she wants to tell me)
g: "whining." -april 12 (hahahaha! she noticed that baby was whining!)

(sparrow crying)
me: "what's wrong, did you bite your lip?"
sp: "no, it's my hippy cups!" (hiccups!) -april 17

(enthralled with the mylar princess balloon she got for her birthday)
sp: "i can learn about princesses from this princess balloon."
me: "oh yeah? what are you learning?"
sp: "about princesses...but these princesses aren't doing anything."
me: "so you're not really learning anything, are you?"
sp: "no, i am! but these princesses just aren't doing anything!" -april 18

(talking about the unknown gender of our new baby)
me: "God knows what we need, so God is making it into whatever it needs to be, for His own glory."
sp: "is HisOwnGlory helping too?" -april 18

sparrow named her three flower sproutlings:
1. "beautiful flower"
2. "three-year-old"
3. "bravo biscuit restaurant"
-april 22

sparrow is developing quite the young philosopher's brain:

"golden is sharing with herself." -april 22

"God can't be in heaven, he's too big!" -april 22

"satan shouldn't have been had." -april 23

sp: "do teachers put away the thing before they take out the other thing?"
me: do they put away what before they do what thing?"
sp: "the thing they do after they do that thing!" -april 27

sp: "mom, come to our coffee shop, and you can give us some money!"
me: "and what will you give me?"
sp: "some coffee. with caffeine in it. actually we'll give you one cup of coffee and one cup of caffeine."
me: "oh. what does caffeine look like?"
sp: "i don't know. i've never seen it by itself before...
let me get behind the coffee stand and get the coffee book and see what we have at peet's...we have orange coffee and clear coffeee and gray coffee...(continuing to list off colors)
and there's ladybugs in the ladybug coffee and lemons in the lemon coffee and cheese in the cheese coffee. oh yeah, and there's a crab one." -april 29
(just what i've always wanted! a good cheddar-flavored latte!)


elnellis said...

so i am laying side ways on our very small sofa with tears running down my checks and i can hardly read out loud (which is what i was doing for phil's benefit). he is smiling sedately, i am dying. thank you sparrow you have healed me. from what i don't know but it was for sure medicine. thank you.

The City Girl said...

I just love how her little mind works! Hippy