Saturday, May 8, 2010

sparrow's 4th birthday

we had arrived in san francisco ten days prior. this saturday the 17th of april, we were celebrating sparrow's 4th birthday! (actual birthday april 18th.)
in germany you traditionally get presents at the breakfast table, and i had found the perfect birthday dress online, so that was the present sparrow opened at breakfast, along with all the cards that came in the mail. she was so excited about it! then had to wait sooooooooo long for the party to start at 2:30! we went to crissy field for a picnic, and cousin gino and uncle larry were able to make it too! along with a church friend of thomas'. sparrow's cake was from trader joe's this year--can't really be doing a lot of baking in uncle al's kitchen, poor man! we added whipped cream and sprinkles to the top of the cake. sparrow had especially requested sprinkles. she and gino kept eating more sprinkles just by themselves! it was really fun to have gino there.

after fruit and cake and presents (she got a tutu from me and thomas, also the first of the "betsy" books by carolyn haywood. a new jacket from gino), we walked down to the cafe and got ice cream cones! sparrow loves ice cream cones and never gets them! the last time she had one was at my birthday in september. so she was very pleased.

from the minute you were born you changed our lives in such an amazing way, and you have amazed us every day ever since. i love how thoughtful you are, the way you muse about things and wonder about things like how big God is and if God is brighter than the angels. i love how you really learn and incorporate the things i tell you into your life. i love how you make pages full of letters and then read them to me! i love that you love to be read to, and you love to snuggle. it is wonderful how you love learning bible verses with me and putting them to song. and it is so precious that you love to kiss and play with golden. you have a strong sense of justice and a beautiful singing voice. i love listening to the original songs you make up! never stop singing like you do all the time! i pray that you may always have a soft heart toward God, that you would allow Him to mold you, that you would love good and hate evil all the days of your life. i know you will turn out to be just like a beautiful pillar in a palace. strong to hold it up, and lovely to look at. happy birthday!

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The City Girl said...

your letter to her is so sweet! i love it!