Thursday, January 13, 2011

100 days

I am joining my favorite blogger, ann voskamp, in a small undertaking called a "100 days calendar." you take three goals, and write them down every day for 100 days. if you have worked on that goal by the end of the day, you get to cross it off! isn't it beautiful and simple? my three goals:

read the Bible/pray
work on home business

the first one is obvious. sometimes this gets shoved aside, and because it is my conviction that time with the Lord is the most valuable time, I want to prioritize it in such a way that I will get into the habit of actually living that conviction. even when tired. even when distracted by children's needs.

the second one has to do with challenge/change. i am good at making novels of my opinions. can i write a blog post every day, make it interesting, and learn how to be less wordy/more concise? see, there i go again! more words and more slashes! is also a challenge to get back into the swing of journalling. my children do and say so many interesting things, and little things happen so quickly, then are oft quickly forgotten. sitting down to reflect every day will help me to remember.

the third one is something that is just taking shape. we have a heart to start a home business, but the exact nature of it is not yet decided upon. there will be prayer, collaboration, and a refining of the "hidden arts" of home. for now, i have started looking up feldenkrais in the news to try to see what sort of public feedback i could use to put into a brochure. thomas is almost certified!

for now, i'd like to say...aren't babies relaxing? third babies, i mean. whenever i look into my baby's eyes or go to feed him or something, i get a recharge of relaxants. so innocent!so cute! so peaceful! and i can go on into the wiles of the day with more relaxed vigor and beauty of soul.

head over to 'a holy experience' to get your own 100 days calendar. Look under the "free gifts for you" tab.

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