Saturday, January 15, 2011

strange boat

Thomas had the privilege, today, to perform in Santa Barbara Dance Theatre's 20th anniversary show at the Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara. Or should I say, they had the privilege of having him shine onstage. Have I ever mentioned he is an amazing dancer? For two weeks now we've been missing him, thinking of him, praying for him, dreaming of him, and it was for this. I pray the audience was inspired by the dance! He got to perform two pieces, called "artifice" and "strange boat," my personal favorite. Here is the SBDT website, which has the Strange Boat video on it from a few years ago. (you have to look for the video under the "videos" tab... sorry, the website is set up so i can't link directly to  the specific vid.) The year I fell in love. Is it any wonder? (Look for Thomas with the knee pad.)

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