Sunday, January 9, 2011

december delightfuls

golden "reading" a book:
"once in a time, der was a jesus on a cross." (she said this for every page!) -dec. 1st

me: "when you get baptized, it's telling the world that you belong to Jesus."
sp: "we belong to Jesus!"
me: "you do! i'm so happy you invited him into your heart!"
sp: "no, i invited him OUT yesterday when i prayed!" (said excitedly and cheerfully!) -dec. 2

"it's amazing that God is three pieces!" -sp. dec. 3

(while listening to me read a dr. seuss book)
sp: "why do they say 'whom'? i think it's from the Bible." -dec. 9

sp: "God can't see silas cause he's too little. he's like a tiny salt!" -dec. 8

sp: "i saw a cowboy! i haven't seen one my whole entire life, but just now i saw one!" -dec. 11

sp: "silas just told me that there was a whole world in your belly and he had a bigger world for babies, and they went to the baby fair, and there was a carousel for babies and a ferris wheel for babies." -dec. 18

golden these days, instead of saying "inside out," she says "open side." she is convinced this is the correct term.

"he's looking on your naked bones." -G. dec. 18

(while showing me the big plastic bubbles to pop)
G: "it's really soundy." -dec. 26

sp: "i want some pop corn."
G: "maybe tomorrow." -dec. 26

G: "mommy put some beans in my rice and then i got some throw up." -dec. 27

sp: "mommy, smell my doll!"
me: "mmm! smells like strawberries and cream!"
G: "mom, smell my dolly! ...smells like bicycle!" -dec. 30

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