Friday, August 31, 2012

August in August

Sp: "Why are they crying if they're still gonna get silver? ...Because the silver's not real?" -Aug. 1

Sparrow, watching the women's gymnastics team win Gold, says, very concerned,
"Do they get to take the leotards home?" -Aug. 1

Me, leading devotions: "What can we see around us that tells us there is a God?"
G: "He made flowers and houses and books and farts..."
Sp: "No He didn't! ...Well He did, but He doesn't talk about them, I don't think." -Aug. 2

Profound questions I have to answer:
Sp: "How does the chicken have eggs without a husband?" -Aug. 1

G: "Actually, I don't want a cookie. I want some red things."
Me: "What red things?"
G: "It's red, and it's really yummy, and it comes from a pig."
Me: "BACON?!?!?"
G: "Yeah. Bacon." -Aug. 2

(Analyzing the classic tale of "The Lion and the Mouse")
Me: "So what's the moral of the story?"
Sp: "Little--like mouse or ant--can help Big--like hyena or lion." -Aug. 4

Golden, after all the birthday excitement of presents and sugar and McDonalds:
"Can I sleep standing up tomorrow?"
Sure you can, lovey. Sure you can. -Aug. 7

Sparrow's subjects in the notebook she wanted to make for school:
Fastness and Slowness
Birthday parties
-Aug. 8

Sp: "Mom! wouldn't it be cool if we could go to Chincoteague Island and find a huge X on it?" -Aug. 8

Sp: "Oh *I* get it! The water goes up into the air, and comes down again as rain! ...So if we put lemonade outside and it evaporates, will the rain taste like lemonade?" -Aug. 12

Me: "You do NOT play racing games with eating. That is a waste of dessert."
Sp: "...Then how will I become a world champion?" -Aug. 14

Sp: "I'm gonna be one of the most beautiful dancers in the world when I grow up." AND I'm gonna be a gymnastics girl. AND I'm gonna be a fire girl. AND I'm gonna be a zookeeper."
G: "I'm gonna be a unicorn." -Aug. 19

G: "Mom, babies have thinking problems cause they cry in their crib and they think sucking on their fingers will make them feel better. And then they do it." -Aug. 23

G: "Mom, I'm gonna look BEAUTIFUL and no one will believe me." -Aug. 25

Sp: "Mom, I do know this place is getting flooded. Mom, I think God wants us to build an ARK." -Aug. 25

Sp: "God, I pray that you would help the president to become more interested in you, and that he would have a vision about you, and that you would make him feel more humble." -Aug. 28

Sp: "Mom, guess how loose my tooth is."
Me: "How loose?"
Sp: "A googleplus loose." -Aug. 29

G: "Dad, at night I had a dream about a talking hat, and it was pretty. And I was scared of it. And it said, 'Are-you-a-hat?' And it was a spooky world!" -Aug. 31 (said "spooky world" with a smiley sparkle in her voice. Love it!)

Sp: "Dad! The trick to getting Pippa to stop crying is to:
-get on your side
-put a pillow over your ear
-and get under a blanket." -Aug. 31 (Haaaaaaah!)

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