Friday, August 3, 2012

Sayings of Summer

Alas! One of the traumatizing things that happened at the beginning of the month, was I LOST my little notebook on a shopping trip. The little notebook I call my "Second Brain." Because I write everything in it that I  want to remember! Information, directions, numbers, passwords, shopping lists, and children's quotes. Yes. So the month of June's precious thoughts are forever gone! I do remember one of them though:

Sp: "the last person to eat their egg, their egg will be rotten."  -June 20 (Hahahahaha! So glad I remembered that one!)

And on to July...

Dad: "Do you want milk?"
Golden nods her head. Dad pours milk into cereal.
G, reproachfully: "Hey! I was about to change my mind!" -July 2

Breakfast impromptu history lesson:
me: "So Washington had done such a good job leading the army that when it came time to choose a president, most people voted for Washington!"
Sp: "But one person voted for Obama." -July 2

Sp: "In a deep place of a mountain--there was a family of puppies--and some kitties. Then. They all got into a boat. To sail to Green Island..." -July 3

Sp: “Mom, I know!!! We should have Twenty-SIX kids! Cause then we could push through the crowd in our house!” -July 9

G: "Mom, pink is allergic to ants." -July 10

Sp: "Mom, I didn't sneeze, but that lady said 'Excuse you.'" O.o. -July 14

After hearing a shoe commercial on Pandora, Golden, almost 4, proves their effectiveness:
G: "She said, 'Hey girls! These are adorable shoes! You can have some too!'" -July 19
(She copied the perky voice and everything--anyone wonder WHY I despise commercials?)

G: "Hey! I don't have a spork or a foon!" -July 18

me: "Hey! You look like the Statue of Liberty!"
Sp: "Except I'm not holding an ice cream." -July 19

Sweet moment: Golden and Silas snuggling and sucking each other's thumbs! -July 19

Golden, crying because Sparrow and her friend are running faster: "They are the fastest runners in ALL the planet." -July 21

Sparrow, looking at three consecutive holes in her leggings: “Look at my leggings! It looks like a picture of someone thinking!” -July 21

Sp: "How long is a year?"
me: "It's 365 days--it's how long it takes the earth to go around the sun one time."
Sp: "But--I wonder why the years and days are so short--I mean--they're so close together!" -July 23

G: "Hankee Doodle was riding on a horse, into town, stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni!"  -July 27 (she's a concept person, LOL)

Golden, handing me the egg yolk: "I don't like the yoga." -July 30

Sp: "When the Israelites made a god on a little gold stool thingy, they didn't make it QUITE high enough. Our God--when you can see Him--is WAY higher than that." -July 31

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