Thursday, August 16, 2012

Late Night Musings

Sitting here again at 6 minutes to midnight, with all my dreams and thoughts and projects while my husband and little ones have REAL dreams in the room next door. Oh WHY do I get such a burst of energy after everyone else has gone to bed? Sigh... it really is my downfall: energized at night, knackered all day. Had to make my favorite vegan chocolate mousse and finish up some housework and wrap some presents and make a pinata--a PINATA! Home made! What am I thinking?!?!! As simple as I present myself to be, I really am not simple. I am a girl who likes frills and buttons and going all out--especially on the food--who has by default turned into a bit of a crunchy, pared-down sort of character. Put me in the same room with a whole bunch of money and you will see my true nature again. Hint: it's not minimalist.

This weekend we are having a party. It was going to be a Golden/Silas combo birthday party, but then I realized--hey, mine is coming up too--and there are probably just as many adults coming as children, so why don't we throw my birthday in the mix there too, eh? After all, who wants to plan aNOTHER party, when it's already so difficult to throw one, I feel like we have to inconvenience people in order to have a party, so just one is good, thank you. What's on the menu: Chicken nuggets, chickenless nuggets, tater tots. Ketchup. Grapes, green and champagne. Raw veggies. Hummus. Big ol' salad. Home made bread. Store bought artisan bread. Crackers. Cheeses. Prosciutto. Almonds. Sweet potato chips and blue corn tortilla chips. Tomatillo salsa. Vanilla cake with some sort of strawberry embellishment and a crazy cake topper. Vegan sugar-free carrot cake with vegan sugar-free frosting and a crazy cake topper. (using toys as cake toppers is one of my fave. time saving tricks for home made cakes. I'm not gonna do the billions of details in fondant. Just not gonna happen. I like the other food too much.) What else... vanilla ice cream. Sparkling pink lemonade. Sugar free raspberry lemonade. Two reds and a white. Sparkling water. Coffee. I think that's it! If I feel like we are short, I will add animal crackers and popcorn to the mix. But chances are we'll have a bunch of leftovers. Like always. I love parties. Is God good to us or WHAT?!

The condo where we are holding this party is rather small. I hope the children don't kill each other or ruin anything. The only activity I have planned for them is pinata hitting. In the teeny tiny backyard. And eating. Can you tell I am grateful to have the use of a kitchen? I plan to bake all day Saturday, cause the party is on Sunday. We go to church on Saturday nights now, and if it weren't such an awesome church, that God pointed out to us right away, it would be a lot more intolerable getting used to that kind of schedule. Thomas' days off are so random nowadays that our "Sabbath" is just whatever day he has off. That was today. He got lots of rest and a walk with a friend and a motorcycle ride. I got a 5-plus hour shopping trip. (The good news is that the shopping is DONE. If I forgot something, don't tell me.) I need the help of a village if I want to get a true Sabbath. Ah well. This moment is a pretty good one right here.

So would someone tell me how to decorate a pinata. ? How do you get those fun little tissue paper fringes on to the mache form? Tape? I have never made a pinata by myself before. It's been a long time since I've had a pinata making experience. Like 2 decades or more. I made this one with Elmers instead of home made flour paste. Hope it holds up. But not too well. You know what I mean. I am FAAK. Falling asleep at keyboard. SO I guess these musings and those fun little fringes will have to wait another day.

Let me just share that I had two good interludes with ladies at Trader Joe's today. Older women love to talk to me. One was a full quiver grandma who loves the Lord, the other was a lady who had lived in Mexico for a long time. God gives me these encouraging little respites, see? But remind me never to take these wiggly little girls out again. God love 'em, and I know it's my fault, but... we have a long way to go. More later. FTK! (That's For the Kingdom!!!)

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