Sunday, June 7, 2009

clark bread

look what we found in the park in the dark
we will take him home, we will call him clark
he will live at our house, he will grow and grow
will our mother like this? we don't know.
-Dr. Seuss

our first self-made sour dough bread, from a recipe out of "above rubies" magazine.

we had to catch the wild yeast from the air, and feed the "dough pet" for a week before he was ready for baking. now that we have our starter, we hope to keep him alive for years to come. sparrow can't decide what she wants to name him/her. one day it was freddy, the next it was polly. for now, in honor of the dr. seuss verse we recited while we were growing the dough, we call him clark.

the beauty and satisfaction of home made bread. four simple ingredients, many bites of bliss.

(note that sparrow is eating her bread butter-side-down in this pic... another dr. seuss reference!)

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