Saturday, June 13, 2009

may musings

"the wind wants to come in, but we will never let it in here." -may 5

"mom, the potty wants me to fall in it. but i wanna stay out of it." -may 8

"mom, can you be careful not to flush me in the hole?" -may 8

funny and a little disconcerting: sparrow's first "ocd" behavior has emerged: for some reason, she has decided that she can't be in the bathroom longer than the toilet tank takes to fill back up after flushing. so when we are washing her hands, she gets all squirmy and hurried and starts saying, "it's gonna be too late! it's gonna be too late!" (it took me a few times to figure out what she was talking about!) then she races off down the hall as soon as i let her go. now i don't even bother to flush until she's done washing--it eliminates the stress.

sp: "mom, cut my leg!"
me: "but that will hurt you!"
sp: "mom, i won't have any legs, and you'll just have to carry me." -may 10

me: "wow, this is my fourth mothers day!"
sp: "no, it's HAPPY mother's day." -may 10

me: "guess what we are going to learn about in preschool today? rectangles!"
sp: "mom, we always learn about rectangles. what about our ABC's?" -may 14
(after all the effort i go through to keep her clear of the pressure to learn early alphabets so that she can flourish as an artist...)

sp: "what will the police do to us when they pull us over?"
me: "they'll probably give us a..." (sparrow cuts in)
"will they turn us into a statue?" -may 16

"when it snows a lot i will wear my fairy dress ALL night long." -may 19

sp: "i wanna watch a movie."
me: "when do you NOT wanna watch a movie?"
sp: "i don't wanna watch a movie after my movie." -may 19

"the elephants walked all across the crosswalk string." (she meant "tightrope." haha!) -may 19

"here is a heart for you, for being good." -may 20

"mommy, i'll let you sweep if you're good." -may 20

"mommy, i got some coin for you. so you can go to trader joe's and get me some balloons." -may 20

(i was trying to fix a toy)
me: "i need some tools."
sp: "mom, someday if you're a daddy you can have some tools." -may 24

"this is my wedding day... i bedda dance." -may 24

me: "what do you say when you want to measure yourself?"
sp: "five months tall?" -may 24

"red and yellow, black and white and green, they are precious in my sight." -may 26

(reading amelia bedelia book, page where amelia bedelia is looking at the fancy draperies in the huge house...)
my, those must be rich folks.
sp: "no, those are not rich folks."
me: "what are they?"
sp: "those are windows!" -may 28

"the next time we go to heaven, we will see my grandma." -may 28

"mom, next time it's thursday we will go to the wedding and we will wear a wedding dress and we will marry daddy." -may 30

sp: "what are we doing today?"
me: "we're going to church."
sp: "i just have one question: can you not leave me alone?" -may 31

(discussing jacob of the Bible and the goat skin deception)
sp: "he was like a bear."
me: "why do you think he was like a bear?"
sp: "cause he had fur on his arms."
me: "why do you think he wanted to have fur on his arms?"
sp: "cause he was like a bear, ya goon!" -may 31

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