Thursday, July 22, 2010

a good heart

yesterday, another hot day. me: grumpy, tired, and tomato staking not going so well. moving slowly to keep up with everything while my little ones move about like lightning bugs. sparrow found a pink rock right outside the door and i heard it drop onto the tile floor a few times. i sternly warned her as many times not to throw rocks in the house. she came into the kitchen a few minutes later and simply THREW it, i don't know what she was thinking, but i suddenly became a shrieking banshee as i screeched, "HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO THROW ROCKS IN THE HOUSE!!!" i picked up the rock and threw it out the front door, knowing it was a special rock to her... then she surprised me completely. she hung her head and said to me, "mom, i wish God would give me a good heart." ohhhhh, my sparrow! it pierced me to my own bad heart that she felt her sin thus, and showed such remorse, when i was still in the middle of my own tantrum! i knelt down beside her and hugged her and apologized. then i got to tell her that God IS giving her a good heart, He promised! she invited Jesus into her heart about a year ago (07-08-09) and she is already being so affected by His Spirit. praise God for His continual conviction of my attitude.

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