Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a new home

we began moving july 15th and have been in the process ever since! good thing we allowed ourselves time; i can't lift much and go at a snail's pace, plus have the regular meal-making and household tasks on my hands. thomas is leaving for feldenkrais studies in san francisco on wednesday, and will be gone for two weeks. we are "settled in" enough now, to be able to welcome a baby, even though my nesting instincts are not satisfied with the cleaning and the boxes... here, some visuals of the first day of our moving. we LOVE being in this house! it is like a palace to us, and such a different feel, having our own place.

moving boxes hastily in the rain!

our new home
lovely light on the far mountain (this is the entrance to the guest apartment)
living room (yep, we got a free couch and free curtains!)
the girls' room! (complete with toddler bed for sparrow from a neighbor)
the view from the office
in the master bedroom

master bedroom/master bath area


Ander said...

Doris! What a beautiful house! yay =)

Mk said...

Love the leotard Sparrow!