Friday, July 2, 2010

may and june quotes

golden has a huge vocabulary because she can imitate pretty much anything you say to her, even if she doesn't know what it means. here, however, are a few of her funny pronunciations from the month of may/june:

"gar-jeb" (garbage)
"poo taste" (toothpaste)
"holy bear" (polar bear)
"passi-via" (princess olivia)
"sick-a-pup" (sippy cup)
"baby suit!" (bathing suit)
"lady pop-pop" (lolly pop)

sp: "i wanna have a picnic."
me: "we are going to take a nap and then go out later."
sp: i don't wanna go out later."
me: "ok, you may stay home."
sp: no, i wanna go out now! that kind of not later!" -may 9

"it would be fun to have a piece of chocolate as big as God." -may 15

me: "they need to go to bed ASAP."
sp: "can we move to ASAP?" -may 26

sp: "it felt illegal to push that plate on the table."
me: "oh really? what does 'illegal' mean?"
sp: "it means it felt kind of good and kind of bad." -may 26

"do soldiers sing really bad songs like 'you kill people on sundays?'" -may 27

sp: "can we go see castles if we visit Germany?"
me: "yes, but they're very old."
sp: "but is the land around the castles really nice?"
me: "yes, it's very nice."
sp: "but--are there candy flowers?" -may 27

one morning, golden was awake very early in the family bed. sparrow began stirring groggily.
g: "smiling!" (trying to get sparrow to smile)
me: "she's sleeping , golden." (but sparrow had reluctantly opened her eyes.)
g: pushes sparrow's eyelid down with her finger and says, "close da door." -may 29

"i'm gonna make you three tables... the right one is for dinner, and the left one is for breakfast, and the... north one is for lunch!" -june 2

"mommy, are goose bumps when a goose bumps into you?" -sp. june 3

sp: "let's do jokes."
me: "ok. you first."
sp: "um... can i have a chicken cinnamon?" -june 6

"the flies can't hear us, cause their ears are soooooo tiny!" -sp. june 25

"i dreamed that you and omi were eating blue tamale peels!" -sp. june 7

"for sabbath, can we dress up and do an activity scene?" -sp. june 18

"the gum went in the back of my mouth, and the back of my mouth swallowed it!" -june 19

sp: "watermelon, salt, and spices! that's how you make tomato juice."
me: "are there tomatoes in it?"
sp: "NOOOO. you just put watermelon in at the end." -june 22

golden is pretending to discipline her stuffed bunny that looks like it is closing its eyes praying...
sp: "the bunny's praying that it will be good." -june 22

"mom, i wish we lived in san francisco. but i want them (san francisco and tucson) to be mixed, because i want to see danielle AND i wanna go to whole foods all the time." (apparently we went to whole foods all the time in SF and that was one of her favorite parts!) -sp. june 24

sp: "were adam and eve little kids too?"
me: "nope, God made them already grown up."
sp: "...cause there were no bellies in the world?" -june 24

sp: "and the dolly wants to wash his hands."
me: "i thought you said the dolly was a girl."
sp: "it is."
me: but you keep saying 'his.'"
sp: (ponders for a second) "oh. ...i didn't hear myself." -june 29

"i'm tired. good thing it's my bedtime." -sp. june 29

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