Sunday, July 18, 2010

tomato staking

quick post, cause i am supposed to be getting home (we don't have internet at our new house yet, so i am down at marlett's trying to get caught up...)

i have decided to bite the bullet and try "intense" tomato staking with my children once again. and this time i hope it lasts for more than a day. the Bible says that your children are actually supposed to be a SOURCE of REST to you. is that ever true with me?? i have been so convicted lately, about my grumpy attitude, and so convicted about sparrow's, and i think this is really the only way to make significant progress in that area.

tomato staking is keeping your child close to you at all times, within eyesight or at least earshot. intense tomato staking is keeping them within four or so feet of you at all times, for the purposes of training, until they can be trusted to move further away. i have tried it before with sparrow, but not with both of them, and was anticipating a LOT more push back from Golden, but she seems to be getting it, and actually not minding that much! i have to say, it is SO hard to implement: if you go to the bathroom, you ALL go into the bathroom. nobody is allowed to "run" and get something from another room. you all go together. and them being with you at all times, of course you have to let them help make dinner and wash dishes. we will see how this goes tomorrow when i am making roast chicken instead of just plain rice...

but for now, i am already super happy with the results. i yelled a lot less, the girls fought a lot less, and sparrow and i had some good, deep conversations. i have been noticing that sparrow's voice is whiny MOST of the time. it frustrates me to no end, and then i snap at her, instead of being the patient and sweet mother i am supposed to be. this way we all learn to enjoy being together and learning and helping. now, Lord, give me strength and courage of will to keep doing this! i really really want to train them right, and if this is what it takes... this means, when she is playing with a friend they STILL have to be by my side, not running off to rooms and getting into mischief...

i highly recommend this method, as read on an amazing kick in the butt. 

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